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Nagel Langdons – Bridgwater

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Customer & location: Nagel Langdons, Somerset
Requirement: Wireless Point-to-Point Link
Manufacturers: Siklu & Ubiquiti

About the Company: Nagel-Langdons are one of the largest food logistics companies in Europe who operate a network of hubs throughout the UK.

Case Study Details: Nagel Group acquired a new site close to their Bridgwater depot, but getting broadband access was delaying the go-live. Data Path were contacted to look at alternative solutions, by either fibre or wireless connectivity.

After a site survey and discussions about requirements, a Siklu 1200FX Gigabit point-to-point wireless link was chosen, with the addition of a Ubiquiti Nanobeam AC backup link configured as a failover via the Siku devices. The Siklu link works on the less congested E-band spectrum and meant applying for the applicable licence through Ofgem.

Data Path IPAF trained engineers deployed the links on masts at either building to gain the line of site required, before carrying out the alignment and configuration of the network. Nagel Langdons then deployed staff to the new site, who have been working off a stable network connection ever since.

Project Highlights:

Siklu Gigabit P2P link
E-band spectrum with Ofgem licence
Failover Ubiquiti P2P link

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