Following several years of growth it became apparent that larger offices and stores were a must, to allow us to more efficiently manage both administrative and logistical processes within the business.

Following a couple of years of speculative searching for a new head office, as if by magic, the perfect unit became available just 100 yards from our existing base. However, with the existing tenant looking at exiting fairly quickly we took the decision to move full steam ahead – our target was to be in for the start of April for the new financial year. One month!!!

Plans were drawn up to give each key departments their own space: Projects, Operations, and Finance. Providing additional areas were a must for a business of our scale.

Projects: We needed an area to give us the ability to pick apart large projects in a dedicated space, and also run through all sizes of works with our engineers.

Operations: Office space, plus a touchdown area for engineers to fill in paperwork, mark up drawings etc, was essential. We also needed a delivery “in” and a projects “out” area for materials to be more easily managed for efficient purchasing and clear grouping for larger projects.

The new stores are approximately 6 times bigger than the previous space, to not only maintain stock for day to day works and any emergency requests, but also to allow larger project items to be stored and attempt to negate the risk of deliveries to site and lead times.

Board/Meeting Room: Here we wanted a space to allow for the entire workforce to receive training, general meetings and conference calls. Anyone that has had a meeting with us will know the kitchen/meeting room in our old workplace was not quite fit for purpose!!

Build Room: A large space with benching and storage to enable pre-terminations, cabling looms and hardware configuration to be carried out was created.

Finance: This is an area for numbers to be crunched and invoices chased.

The actual refurbishment timescale was bordering on the insane, even for a company that prides itself on getting everything finished on time. Local trusted trades were called in and work was undertaken almost from the get go. Office staff and engineers were dropping in and putting in what they could when time allowed.

It wasn’t until the final week when it all started to come together that we knew it would be finished. The move day went surprisingly smoothly, and new furniture was assembled and placed. Over the last few months, minor snags and ‘adds’ have been dealt with and we are very pleased with the outcome. It has created a completely different working environment for everyone.

Everyone is welcome to visit if you haven’t already, the kettle is always on.